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The Ultimate Lift Emergency Phone

Most people take lifts for granted. We simply accept that the lift emergency phone, for instance, will work if and when we ever find ourselves in a situation that we need it. Unfortunately, up to now, chances were good that the phone does not actually work. Most lifts are not new, and among the regular wear and tear that affect elevators, the phone is often one of the first things to go and the last to be noticed because a lift emergency is a relatively rare occurrence.

The fact is that the traditional elevator emergency phone would often be the first thing to go as the continuous daily motion of the lift causes wear and tear on the cables connected to the phone. Even phones connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) are not nearly as reliable as we would like to think. This is because the use of efficacy of the NBN is solely dependent on sufficient bandwidth capacity. Reduced capacity can slow down or even completely disable the phone’s operation – not something you want to encounter during an elevator emergency.

When Australia officially switches over to the NBN, the chances are that many – if not most – lift emergency communication devices will not work since they may require new cabling installations to make them compatible with the new system. Connecting every emergency elevator telephone to the NBN will not only be massively expensive, but it may also take quite some time, considering the sheer number of lifts currently in operation throughout Australia.

Benefits of Choosing Lift Connect for Emergency Lift Phones

Emergency intercom systems on lifts are set to become a big national issue shortly, albeit not many people are currently aware of it. No doubt adopting the NBN will have a massive impact on both our personal and business lives. There are definitive pros and cons, and whether you are a proponent of the NBN or not, the fact is that bandwidth restrictions are more than likely to cause quite a few traffic-related disruptions to the system, to name one.

  • Unlike traditional lift communication systems, which require cabling for connectivity, and even NBN linked systems, which may be less effective due to the limited availability of bandwidth, our systems are cable-free, getting their power from the lift and connectivity via a mobile network with multiple back-ups. This guarantees that the emergency lift communication system, be it a phone or intercom system, is always on and always operational.
  • We install our systems quickly, at a cost that is much cheaper than just the cabling and hardware upgrades it will take to connect existing emergency lift telephones to the NBN – which, by the way, requires the services of multiple trades. With Lift Connect, there are no upfront costs like installation fees whatsoever.
  • Repair and maintenance services on traditional emergency intercom systems would take days to arrange and conclude. We offer fast response times on all our services, and, for your convenience, we maintain the system for life. In addition, we provide a range of dedicated professional technical support services for all our devices.
  • Why would you want to appoint someone to sit and monitor a telephone line that, let’s face it, never rings and is likely never to ring, save on the off chance that an emergency occurs. You don’t have to appoint someone to monitor the line. We monitor all lines on a 24/7, 365 basis, meaning you save the cost of an extra salary.
  • One of the biggest fears when it comes to elevators is getting stuck during a power outage. While most elevator systems today have backup battery systems that allow people to at least get off the elevator at the nearest level, most emergency phones for lifts are not equipped with this. Should something go wrong, and you get stuck in the elevator during a power outage, you have no way to notify anyone. Our systems sport a four-hour backup battery life. More than sufficient, taking into account most power outages last less than an hour.

What You Can Expect from Lift Connect Regarding Emergency Phone in Australia

Any building that houses a lift needs an effective emergency lift communication device such as an intercom or phone system that is actively monitored, routinely inspected, maintained, and repaired when needed. Until recently, the options for lift communication systems were limited. Rapidly advancing technology has seen great strides made in terms of the capability of such systems, the ease of use, the costs associated with such systems, and the ease of installation.

Ensuring the safety of your lift users begins with the installation of a reputable lift system by a respected installation team and its regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. An essential element of having an elevator is ensuring that it’s equipped with a cost-effective emergency communication system and runs reliably. Accidents happen despite our best-laid plans, and we must always be prepared should something unexpectedly go wrong.

  • We offer customer service of the highest standard. We understand the importance of a lift emergency communication system, and we endeavour to treat your enquiry with the relevant due regard. From initial contact to the installation and subsequent maintenance of your system, we will treat you with respect, honesty, and integrity at all times.
  • Our team consists of seasoned industry professionals dedicated to providing services of the highest standard to our customers throughout Australia. Our friendly reception team, our technical support and line monitoring teams, will always go the extra mile to ensure they meet all your needs as our customer in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • We only use the best products available on the market today. Our devices are of the best quality around. This, coupled with our lifetime maintenance service, ensures that you have a reliable system.
  • We ensure that our system is always on without interruption or disruption by not needing cables or connecting to the NBN. Using mobile networks with multiple backups for emergency phones ensures that connectivity is not a problem you have to ever worry about.

About Lift Connect

We offer the most reliable emergency lift communication systems available in the industry today to customers across Australia, offering free installation, constant line monitoring and maintenance services for the lifetime of the device and the ultimate in convenience and efficacy.

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