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Use Our Elevator Phone in Your Building

Travelling in an elevator is incredibly convenient, so much so that it’s difficult to imagine how life was without this invention. Accessing several floors above the ground has become possible with using the stairs and testing your cardiovascular system. However, since elevators rely on electricity to operate, they can come to a grinding halt if there is a power failure. This scenario is where the elevator phone highlights its importance. Lift Connect supplies a lift phone that you can use to contact emergency services when the need arises.

Benefits of an Elevator Telephone Again consider the word Lift

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon, and you’re one of the last people left in a high-rise building. After completing your work, you decide to call it a day and enter the elevator only for everything to shut down. There’s nobody around, and your smartphone battery has just flattened out. You’d probably have to wait until someone realised you were missing. Here, the benefits of installing a wireless lift phone become clear.

  • Having access to a telephone is just what you need to get yourself out of a sticky situation. A lift phone can connect you to the outside world. Consequently, you can contact emergency personnel to inform them of your predicament and hopefully be free within a few hours.
  • The installation process is fairly simple. Since it’s a wireless phone, there’s no need to drill holes or push cables through various parts of the lift for the phone to be operative. The phone uses mobile networks, which means you can wirelessly connect to the relevant authorities to help rescue you from the elevator.
  • Even though elevators operate on electricity, some older lift phones do as well, which means if you’re stuck due to a power outage, you won’t have access to emergency services through the elevator phone. However, it doesn’t depend on electricity with our wireless option that can operate efficiently well after the power has gone out. As such, you can be confident when guests are using your elevator facilities that they always have access to emergency services.

What to Expect from Lift Connect Regarding Elevator Phones

We are fast becoming the number one supplier of emergency phones for a building lift. Building managers, construction managers, building owners, and occupiers have decided to embrace our product all across Australia and with good reason.

  • As opposed to other telecommunications suppliers for lifts, we don’t charge upfront fees for our telephone. Removing the initial costs for businesses makes it easier to install and embrace, especially for new developments where budgets are crucial.
  • We don’t sell the equipment but rather rent it to you at an affordable rate. Subsequently, we’ll maintain the lift phone throughout its lifespan to ensure that it operates efficiently in your building. There’s no additional cost for our technical maintenance since the telephone remains in our care. Apart from the rate you pay, you won’t have to worry about keeping the system operational, which saves your business money in the long term.
  • Once we’ve registered your phone, we start monitoring it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there’s an anomaly with the elevator, our team will identify the issue and notify the appropriate authorities to assist people in the lift. Even if it is a power outage, our phones continue working with a four-hour backup battery. As such, you can be confident in our quick response.

About Lift Connect

Our product is the first of its kind in the market and vastly different from what our competitors offer. For this reason, we’ve had to assist clients across the length and breadth of Australia. Our solution is easy and seamless, making it the ideal product for high-rise buildings around the country.

Contact us to discuss your building lift telephone requirements.