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Lift Phone Requirements Australia with Lift Connect

At Lift Connect, we have decided to develop and upgrade the standard of lift phone requirements in Australia by utilising technology and our passion for progress. Due to the implementation of the National Broadband Network, many older or outdated lift phones will cease to function and would require costly replacements and additions. Therefore, we have decided to provide our systems to mediate this issue.

What You Can Expect From Lift Connect Regarding Communication Systems

With many major telecommunications companies, there are often many hidden costs related to installations and service delivery, all of which are the client’s problem. We believe in putting our customers first and ensuring that they can freely communicate with us about their queries. We do things differently here:

  • We do not request an upfront fee for installations and see to the entire installation process ourselves. This method limits the involvement of third-party tradespeople that form part of the process, thereby promoting in-house workmanship.
  • Our technology enables you to connect the lift phone device with a mobile network. To secure the devices and your data, we also provide multiple backup services that you can access at any time.
  • To personalise our services, we promote fast response times to deal with enquiries efficiently and promptly. In addition to our customer-orientated service delivery principles, we take care of the maintenance of your device for its lifetime.

The Importance of Lift Emergency Phone Regulations

Lifts might be convenient additions to modern living but are still pieces of engineering that require safety standards and lift emergency phone regulations. These requirements are necessary to uphold maintenance and servicing standards to protect occupants or passengers. One of the most important aspects of any business is its accountability towards ensuring safe premises and its liability towards customers.

  • We surpass the norm by providing a hassle-free solution to the outmoded, soon-to-be inaccessible lift phone system. It is a legal requirement to have a functional emergency phone when your building has elevators.
  • Our devices remain operational even when there are power outages. With a backup battery that keeps the device functional for up to four hours, you will not be left in the dark.
  • By registering our devices to your phone, you will have direct access to the device. This accessibility feature gives you the ability to monitor the lifts at any time.

Why You Should Use Lift Connect

Besides exceeding lift emergency phone regulations and requirements, we focus our services on client satisfaction and support. By giving you control over your lift communication and monitoring systems, you can keep track of happenings with ease and ensure customer safety. This control acts as a way of reducing your liability by taking the necessary precautions.

Instead of avoiding the inevitable, contact us for a thorough assessment of your lifts and their monitoring and communication systems to have our technical team provide you with our cost-effective and modern solutions. Alternatively, you can continue browsing our website to get a better understanding of our company.

About Lift Connect

Our product is the first of its kind in the market and vastly different from what our competitors offer. For this reason, we’ve had to assist clients across the length and breadth of Australia. Our solution is easy and seamless, making it the ideal product for high-rise buildings around the country.

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