Fixed Line Disconnection

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out across Australia, existing fixed line networks are being progressively disconnected.

Monitored lift phones operating over these networks may cease to operate unless they are migrated to an alternate network. 

Monitored lift phones are safety-critical services and there are serious public safety, personal injury and property damage risks if they fail to operate in an emergency situation. Migration of these services to alternate telecommunications networks does not happen automatically. 

If you are responsible for a monitored lift phone, you will need to contact a lift phone provider to arrange migration of your services. It is important to note that equipment connected over the NBN will cease to work during a power outage and an alternative backup power source should be discussed with your provider. 

If your regular phone and internet services have already migrated to the NBN, this does not mean your lift alarm service has been migrated. 

Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring obligations are met for the operation of monitored lift phones under the relevant Australian building codes and standards.

For more information read the Australian Governments: Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide

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