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What to Expect from Lift Connect Regarding Elevator Phones

We are fast becoming the number one supplier of emergency phones for a building lift. Building managers, construction managers, building owners, and occupiers have decided to embrace our product all across Australia and with good reason.

  • As opposed to other telecommunications suppliers for lifts, we don’t charge upfront fees for our telephone. Removing the initial costs for businesses makes it easier to install and embrace, especially for new developments where budgets are crucial.
  • We don’t sell the equipment but rather rent it to you at an affordable rate. Subsequently, we’ll maintain the lift phone throughout its lifespan to ensure that it operates efficiently in your building. There’s no additional cost for our technical maintenance since the telephone remains in our care. Apart from the rate you pay, you won’t have to worry about keeping the system operational, which saves your business money in the long term.
  • Once we’ve registered your phone, we start monitoring it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there’s an anomaly with the elevator, our team will identify the issue and notify the appropriate authorities to assist people in the lift. Even if it is a power outage, our phones continue working with a four-hour backup battery. As such, you can be confident in our quick response.

About Lift Connect

Our product is the first of its kind in the market and vastly different from what our competitors offer. For this reason, we’ve had to assist clients across the length and breadth of Australia. Our solution is easy and seamless, making it the ideal product for high-rise buildings around the country.

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